We spent our training camp in March 2011 in Turkey and we have not regretted it for one second.

We were given very good information in advance of the trip and during our stay in Turkey, we were constantly attended by an S&B Sports Representative who spoke good English and paved the way for us both on and off the pitch.

We recommend S&B Sport Organisation’s program strongly and we will return for our 2012 season.


Oyvind Jacobsen - IL Brodd

We conducted training workshops organised by Inter Training and S&B Sports Organisation from 13th-20th November 2011 in Topkapi Palace Hotel, Antalya. The on site content showed all our desires perfectly.


Ragnar Wold - Re VGS

Malselv IL was considering travelling to a training camp in Turkey. Due to this I participated in an inspection alongside organisers Inter Training and S&B Sports Organisation to look for the best possible training camp for one or more of our teams.

For us it’s all about the total package including logistics, service on site, hotel experience and not least the fitness facilities. After a week of viewing, the conclusion was positive in relation to all elements. Being able to travel directly from Evenes or Tromso is crucial for our choice of tour operator.

The hotels are of top standard and the fitness facilities are top notch, you also meet professional and friendly organisers throughout the duration of your stay. So our position is clear in relation to choice of tour operator, Inter Training and S&B Sports Organisation is highly recommended.


Tom Arne Hoff - Malselv IL

Thanks for a terrific training camp in Turkey 2012. We are very happy with the whole deal and look forward to further co-operation. The hotel and training conditions have been wonderful and next year we will return with three teams, the A team, junior team and Women’s team. We would then have the same approach and the same hotel.


Geir Jacobsen - Innstranda IL

Last year we were with 4 teams at a training camp in Antalya which was organized by S&B Sport Team. Overall, we had over 100 people (players, coaches and support team) here. This required a professional organization and planning that all trainings, friendly matches and other program points could run perfect.
Even in the early planning stages months before the actual training camp, it was clear that the service by S&B Sport Team will be very professionally.
All questions have been answered, so I went with a good feeling to Antalya. This impression was confirmed during the whole week - all problems were solved well. The friendliness and nice hospitality contributed to a successful process. I recommend to everyone to make his training camp with S&B Sport Team; for me it is no question to make it again with this professional organization.

Harry Gartler - SK Rapid Wien

After a fantastic training camp in Turkey where the fields, travel and hotel was excellent, we have already started the planning of next year’s training camp and we see no reason to use another tour operator.

We are extremely pleased and look forward to further co-operation and several tours in the coming years.


Thor-Erik Claussen - Tistedalen